Start at the Beginning

I created this website as a way to serve as a resource to those who are interested in education and child development. This will also serve as a journal of my own journey as I become a teacher in California. Journaling provides an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. I firmly believe that education is a lifelong journey for educators, we may reach markers (certifications, degrees, etc.) but to be excellent educators we never stop learning, growing and developing as professionals.

I believe that every student is different and as teachers, we must strive to reach out to students at their personal learning level through our lessons. To discover each student’s personal learning level I would conduct assessment activities at the beginning of the year. The results would inform my instructional design choices for that student. The goal is for a student to have lessons that are challenging without being frustrating. I believe that another way to figure out the needs of our students is to help them discover their learning style. As a teacher, I will strive to create lessons that appeal to the whole class by including activities geared toward each of the three learning styles.

I hope my blog may inspire other students who are working towards a California multiple subject credential, elementary teachers, homeschool instructors, and parents. Together we can inspire the next generation to a love of learning and encourage them to become lifelong learners.

As a way to boost my blogging habit which got a slow start, I will be posting content that I write for my Credential program, Multiple Subject in California, and my Master’s program, Best Practices in Education.



Steever, S. (2015). Personal Education Plan (PEP) Books. In Best Practices for Elementary What Award-Winning Teachers Do(2015 ed.). New York, NY: First Skyhourse Publishing.

Usborne Books & More Party

Since I am just starting out I am working hard to build a library for my students. One way I am doing that is by hosting an Usborne Books & More Party. Between my own orders and any others that may roll in between today and 1/13/2019, I hope to earn my class some free books through hostess rewards. If you know UBAM, you know they are an amazing quality with really cool non-fiction options for all ages as well as unique fiction options. So if you want to shop Usborne Books & More and help my class earn free books, order here.

Usborne Books & More

Hello! I’m starting out as an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More, sharing the most amazing and engaging award-winning children’s books!  I’m so excited to share with you. I can help find your readers their perfect books or help you pick out fabulous gifts for family and friends. Contact me with any questions!1.jpg

“Usborne Publishing Ltd. has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.”

Classroom Concept 1: Beach

The White Ash pattern by DC-Fix to cover all the orangeish cabinets and drawers. The front wall without cabinets or windows with bulletin boards 3D Waterproof Ceiling and Wall Murals from Bedding Inn Blue Sky and Lake with Stone Pattern. My desktop by Murals Wallpaper Celeste Agate Crystal. Computer Cart and my desk base Beach Wood by DC Fix. Student Desktops Gray Marble by DC Fix. Window privacy by Rabbitgoo Small Mosaic with Multi-Color. Inside of cubbies White Mat pattern by DC Fix. On the cabinets, I would print and laminate five different colors of water to use as frames for student work. I would alternate the order of the colors to make a more appealing display. I would incorporate live plants to bring in nature and for their air purifying abilities as well. I like how peaceful this theme is and how it would be a massive transformation. This room would be labor and cost intensive to create but it could be wonderful. I only hesitate as I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to wait until my second year before buying into this theme because I would have the keys, codes, and ability to go into setup much earlier. I worry that trying to get this set up solo (or at best with one helper) when I will be so short on time is going to be a nightmare.

Beach Ideas


So I started this blog as an assignment and have kept expanding. I have also spread out to Facebook a while ago but I just dove into another social media source: Pinterest. So hop on over, follow me and check out my ever-growing collection of educational pins.

Classroom Theme

So I am anxiously awaiting the principal to be back from vacation and email me. He hopefully will be meeting me soon in my new classroom so I can take pictures and measurements. Time to think of a theme. I had a total theme planned for younger grades but I don’t think the middle schoolers will love it. So back to the drawing board. I am thinking of integrating inspirational quotes, growth mindset quotes and maybe hashtags with either: Beach or Steampunk.



I am so excited to share that I was offered a position with my dream district! I will be at the very school I did my student teaching. However, I have been tapped to work with a slightly older group than I originally planned, sixth graders. I accepted and started to complete the paperwork. I haven’t signed an official contract yet so I do not have additional details to share. So EXCITED!