Start at the Beginning

I created this website as a way to serve as a resource for those who are interested in education and child development. This blog will also serve as a journal of my journey as I become a teacher in California. Journaling provides an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. I firmly believe that education is a lifelong journey for educators; we may reach markers (certifications, degrees, etc.), but to be excellent educators, we never stop learning, growing and developing as professionals.

I believe that every student is different, and as teachers, we must strive to reach out to students at their personal learning level through our lessons. To discover each student’s personal learning level, I would conduct assessment activities at the beginning of the year. The results would inform my instructional design choices for that student. The goal is for a student to have lessons that are challenging without being frustrating. I believe that another way to figure out the needs of our students is to help them discover their learning style. As a teacher, I will strive to create lessons that appeal to the whole class by including activities geared toward each of the three learning styles.

I hope my blog may inspire other students who are working towards a California multiple subject credential, elementary teachers, homeschool instructors, and parents. Together we can inspire the next generation to a love of learning and encourage them to become lifelong learners.

As a way to boost my blogging habit, which got a slow start, I will be posting content that I write for my Credential program, Multiple Subject in California, and my Master’s program, Best Practices in Education.


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