In honor of my passing score, I thought I would explain briefly what the RICA is…

The RICA® (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment®) is a requirement for Multi-Subject Teaching Credentials to prove that they have the skills and knowledge to provide effective reading instruction to students. The exam covers five domains:

  • Domain 1: Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction Based on Ongoing Assessment
  • Domain 2: Word Analysis
  • Domain 3: Fluency
  • Domain 4: Vocabulary, Academic Language, and Background Knowledge
  • Domain 5: Comprehension

Want to test your skills and knowledge? Take a practice exam here.

Thankfully for me, the CTC has been moving forward with embracing technology and this is a computer based exam instead of paper and pencil. This also means that scheduling is significantly easier, with multiple sites, days and times whereas before testing was much more limited. Register to take your RICA today.