Village Outreach-Part Three

I bet you have heard the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As an educator I will part of that village for every student in my classroom. This is the third of four in a series of posts that discuss a strategy to include families and communities in my efforts to educate their children. If you missed Post One or Post Two, you can certainly start here as they are not presented in any specific order.

The third idea that I would use would be targeted at the community would be to hold a career day and ask members of the community to come and speak. Obviously, this will reach out to parents and families. However, by including other community members and business owners students will be exposed to a wider variety of careers. I would obviously include some staples like police, fire, paramedics but also farmers, vintners, scientists, architects, retail workers, and extra curricular activity instructors (martial arts, dance, gymnastics, etc.). The goal would be to get a diverse group of people that represent a cross section of jobs available locally.

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