Reading Comprehension Resource Spotlight:

This is the first in a series of five posts about online reading comprehension resources. is a fantastic website that is worth a look for any educator or parent. I have used it myself to talk to work with my own child frequently. offers a variety of nonfiction and literary articles many with useful additional tools for students and teachers. You can filter by grade level, Lexile number range, product types (paired, audio, etc.) and text type (literary or informational).

The Article-A-Day section has curated sets of articles on a topic designed to be read one article per day for a week. A great tool for teachers looking to expand student knowledge and research skills without taking a ton of prep time. They also have sets designed for ELL students with additional supports. This could be a great bell-ringer resource!

Step-Reads are offered for simple differentiation. They are versions of ReadWorks articles which are crafted by their authors to preserve the important facts, vocabulary, word count, etc. of the original article while being less complex and easier to read for the student who is not as advanced in their reading comprehension level.

Paired texts are two or more articles on a common theme, topic or literary element and come with questions to help draw connections between the texts.

The Audio section includes text-to-speech versions and human voice recordings of the Articles which are great for students who are still uncomfortable with decoding to build independence and confidence.


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