Project Learning Based Resource Spotlight-Part One

This is the first in a series of five posts about online project-based learning (PBL) resources., or the Buck Institute for Education, is hands down my first stop for project-based learning lessons. They cover it all: what is it, why should we do it, how do I create my own, and my favorite, show me some examples. is an extensive website that offers free resources for PBL. They have over 550 lessons archived on their site, which is a great place to begin when looking to start a new PBL lesson. They also have a nifty project planner to help guide you through the design process. Moreover, they have an extensive archive of resources for teachers and administrators. If you want to dive right in and figure out what PBL is all about by looking at PBL lessons, reading research articles or even start planning your own project this is the site for you.


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