Teaching for Transfer-Part Two

This is the second post about Teaching for Transfer, check out Post One where I explain what is Teaching for Transfer.

What should I teach my students about Teaching for Transfer?

We need to show students that their language arts lessons are helpful in all subjects for reading comprehension and vocabulary are needed to understand directions and explanations across subjects and throughout life. Students with low language arts scores will struggle in other subjects to understand what is being asked of them, this is the biggest reason why ELL students need curriculum differentiation in order to succeed. An ELL student may be perfectly capable of doing the math but may not understand the directions due to a language barrier, this is a direct example of how high ability scores in English language arts influences other subjects. Students with low math scores may struggle in science as they are hindered by their ability level to do necessary calculations. We need to teach students how History and Math lessons apply to current events in global politics and economics. How standing up to give a book report helps you become a better presenter and why that skill is valuable in school and today’s job market. I love creating simulations for my students to help teach them how all this stuff we learn in school transfers into the “real” world.