2028 Classroom

What will the classroom look like in 2028? Will we even have classrooms like we do today?

I believe that in 2028 we will still have classrooms. Classrooms will still differ from room to room. Some rooms will have walls filled with students works, a colorful barrage of achievements and effort displayed proudly whereas others will maintain a more minimalist style. Desks will still fill our rooms, sometimes in rows and columns but more often huddled together in groups. Storage will remain insufficient for teacher desires and portable storage will take all manner of shapes and styles. Technology charging stations will be commonplace and there will be a chaos of cords and the occasional unplugged device, forgotten by its student until it is discovered powerless the next day.  Pencils will still be a never-ending battle as they vanish like socks in dryers. Little scraps of paper will still linger on the floor hiding from janitors and students eyes alike. There will be a classroom library filled with books arranged haphazardly, ever threatening to cascade onto the floor.

Some time ago I worked for a school construction office, I audited all the paperwork for the building of a new high school when the project was finally complete, from the first day to the last of construction it had taken ten years. So you see, ten years from now is such a short time for a school, space will change little in that time. New cutting-edge technology will come into classrooms well funded and many schools will still be working with what they have today. Things will grow a little older, a little more worn, teachers will spend their own money to bring a little joy into those rooms but nothing life altering will change in that space.