2028 Teacher

Now that I shared my thoughts on the Classroom of 2028, here are a few on the Teacher’s role in 2028.

   I believe the real change in education will come from the teacher and curriculum. Teachers will have to embrace a student-focused environment. Collaborative work will become even more popular as students are prepared for life beyond school. Technology will be integrated into every classroom, something I would have expected a decade ago but believe we will finally reach in the upcoming decade. Technology will push the concept of differentiation to greater heights as students work through technology on an individually customized curriculum. Teachers will become guides and facilitators to student’s educational journey as much as they provide direct instruction. I believe we will see less whole class instruction and more small group instruction, to back up the idea of tailored instruction to their level. I hope that with all this personalized instruction will come the rise of personal responsibility as students are encouraged to take ownership of their education.