6 Truths of Ed Tech-Part Three

I read an article by A. J. Juliani entitled “6 Truths About Technology in Education” and have decided to write a response to three of those truths. This is my opinion on truth number four: Truth #4: “Our job is not to “prepare” students for something. Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything. Technology transforms our role as the teacher/guide” (Juliani, 2017).

       I really connect with this Truth. I believe that teachers are guides to student’s educational journey and that we help them to discover who they are as people. The knowledge gained in our classroom are but stones along that road. The students are ultimately the architect of their own pathway. We strive to guide them to a greater understanding of our world, our society and that the opportunities in this life are almost limitless. My goal is to teach students to think about this world, this society, decide what part they want in it and help them to discover the tools to reach their desired place. Technology is certainly one of those tools for a modern student and I hope to integrate it into our daily routine in my future classroom. I believe that my students have within them a potential for greatness and success if they believe. The road to success is not easy greatness is hard won through hard work and determination. That dream is different for everyone, for someone it might be being the first member of their family to graduate high school and go to college. For others, it might be owning their own successful business. For me, it was what I decided in Kindergarten after my first day with Mrs. Hawkins, that when I grew up I would be a teacher.


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