Learning Style Test-Part One

This is the first of three posts in a series about discovering your learning style. Now that I have shared my personality test with you I am going to share another useful type of assessment. You must select which of the two answers fits you better for forty-four questions. For example,

  1. I understand something better after I:
    1. try it out.
    2. think it through.

The Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire helps you to discover your personal learning style. Is your learning style: active or reflective, sensing or intuitive, visual or verbal and sequential or global?

Active learners: retain info best when they do something, talk about it, teach others or apply it

Reflective learners: do best when they think quietly about the material first

Sensing Learners: like facts, dislike surprises and solving problems by established methods

Intuitive Learners: like exploring possibilities and relationships, they are innovative in problem-solving

Visual Learners: work best with pictures, charts, diagrams, flowcharts, etc.

Verbal Learners: work best with written and spoken words

Sequential Learners: prefer linear step by step organized learning, they can explain what they learned to others

Global Learners: learn in jumps, taking in new info randomly but not really understanding until like a switch they “get it” all of a sudden but often have trouble explaining how it works or why

Check out my next post to see my scores.


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