Technology Resource Spotlight-Straw Poll

Straw Poll is a site that lets you write your own polls. It took me to a page where I could type my Poll question and answer options in right away. I created a poll: Do you like apples or oranges more? I selected No Duplication Checking since my students might be completing the poll from a limited number of computers in our classroom. This was so quick and easy. It is not fancy but for a quick poll, this gets the job done! I have used Google Forms before but this is so much faster to get a poll live. While I imagine I would still prefer Google Forms when I create items in advance, I have wanted to Poll students on the fly and this is a perfect resource for that task. I can see using this as a check for understanding during units, especially if we are a 1 to 1 device classroom. However, for data collection purposes Google Forms is still probably still my go to.