Blog Spotlight-InfoSavvy21

I went to InfoSavvy21’s blog, read a post called “3 Ways to Integrate Students’ Love for Gaming in the Classroom”. I liked how the post which touched on one of my personal fears-walking into a technology void. I saved the link and think this could be a blog I get lost in for a while, in a good way.  I grew up on video games and I can see using the pen and paper gamification method in my classroom. The post also suggested creating a technology station for math centers rotations, but really it would work for any subject. History can include virtual field trips and timelines. Language Arts can explore ebooks and create their own. The final tip is to utilize DonorsChoose to bring more technology into your classroom. DonorsChoose is a great site, I love the model and am excited to try my hand at creating my own classroom projects to be funded. All in all, take a moment dive into this blog it was pretty fun and insightful.