Technology Resource Spotlight: Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking page. Unlike Pinterest, where you pin a picture from the page with a short description and then have to scroll (or search) to find it a Symbaloo is more like a collection of app icons. You save webpages as tiles (icons) onto your Symabloo board. I like Symbaloo but, I find that I get hung up on creating the tiles. Maybe if I get the hang of making them and standardize my colors for tile types across them all I will not find it so slow. Sadly, I found myself changing colors, icons, font colors and then going back to change them again which is a time sink I don’t really need. However, I think as a resource to use (as a student) this would be really helpful which means while I may not bookmark my own stuff this way I can totally see creating student resource pages for projects using Symbaloo.