TPA #2

I am doing CalTPA. For TPA #2 my task is Designing Instruction. It assesses my ability to identify the link between students’ learning needs and their characteristics to:

  • plan instruction for an actual class of K-12 students, including developing and adapting instruction for English learners and for students with other instructional challenges
  • reflect on the connections between student characteristics and instructional planning

Students must complete the honor code, task form, submit both and wait “7-10 days” for scoring.

Before starting, check out the TPA Handbook on this task to get an idea what you are about to tackle. I will admit, normally I am a get in there and try it all out for myself first and refer to guides at the end kind of gal. Bad idea. I did that on TPA #1, I got started on a few answers and then looked after, I ended up going back for major edits. Save yourself some time and frustration, read first then start the actual task.

Side Note: I submitted my TPA #1 on 11/23/16 at 10:30pm and received my score on 12/5/16 at 2:06pm. The Thanksgiving holiday may have contributed to the long wait time or perhaps they were flooded with submissions right then. I would say take the 7-10 days with a grain of salt, but if you haven’t gotten a reply in 15 days, contact your credential program and start asking questions.