TPA #4

I am doing CalTPA. For TPA #4 my task is Culminating Teaching Experience. It assesses my ability to integrate all three prior tasks :

  •  Learns about students and plans student instruction and assessment activities based on the learning goals
  • Adapts the plans and assessments for English learners and for students with other instructional challenges*
  • Teaches the lesson and administers the assessments
  • Analyzes and uses instruction and assessment results to plan further instruction
  • Reflects on the lesson, the classroom instruction, the learning results and on his/her effectiveness as a teacher

*Focus students must be different than those used on Differentiating Instruction and Assessing Learning tasks. (I plan to use different classes altogether.)

Students must complete the honor code, task form, attach un-editied 20-minute video of this lesson, attach sketch of your classroom with labels of EN and SN students, attach assessment related to the learning goals of the lesson, attach samples of specific students’ work and wait “7-10 days” for scoring.

Before starting, check out the TPA Handbook on this task to get an idea what you are about to tackle. For this task, also read up on the TPA Privacy and Permission Requirements. I will admit, normally I am a get in there and try it all out for myself first and refer to guides at the end kind of gal. Bad idea. I did that on TPA #1, I got started on a few answers and then looked after, I ended up going back for major edits. Save yourself some time and frustration, read first then start the actual task.

Side Note: I submitted my TPA #1 on 11/23/16 at 10:30pm and received my score on 12/5/16 at 2:06pm. The Thanksgiving holiday may have contributed to the long wait time or perhaps they were flooded with submissions right then. I would say take the 7-10 days with a grain of salt, but if you haven’t gotten a reply in 15 days, contact your credential program and start asking questions.