TPA #2-Submission Update

I took a month off of my Master’s courses and even updating my site to focus on getting my TPA #2 put together and submitted. I admit working in Taskstream is tedious to me with all the pop-ups, timeouts and other annoyances. So I worked on writing my answers out on a google document. I copied my answers onto the Taskstream form and then I realized my mistake. I did not copy the directions. Somewhere along the way, I forgot that each question had a maximum limit of 10k characters and started thinking 10k words. So about 75% of my answers were within that 10k character limit, about 10% of my answers were easily editable down to the 10k limit but the remaining 15% of my answers were way-way too long. It was a long and super frustrating process of editing my responses down to the 10k character limit. So if you hate working in Taskstream and opt to write in a word document, make sure to note the 10k limit for each question so you don’t end up frustrated like me. I completed the work, turned it in on 11/25/2017 at 4:19pm and began to wait anxiously for the scoring.