Digital Citizenship: Digital Literacy

We as teachers need to understand, teach our students about and participate in Digital Citizenship. So what is Digital Citizenship? I am going to cover the nine elements of Digital Citizenship over several posts, checkout the posts on Digital Access, Commerce and Communication.

Digital Literacy is the “process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology”(Ribble, 2011). Students need to be taught how to learn new digital skills.  Technology is constantly evolving and new things are coming out everyday. Students need to learn the information literacy skills (processing and searching) needed to figure out new technology quickly and appropriately. We need to instill the idea that technology mastery and learning is not a pass or a fail moment but a continued journey that they will be on for the rest of their lives.

Ribble, M. (2011). Digital citizenship in schools. ISTE. Retrieved December 3, 2017, from