Curriculum Spotlight- Sketch Nation

Sketch Nation

What is it? Sketch Nation is an inspiring free resource that lets you create your own game. What kind of game do you want to create: action, adventure or puzzle? Action games can be side running, up jumping, side flying, up scrolling or traffic style. Adventure games can be platformer, arena or lander style. Puzzle games can be match two or three styles. How in-depth do you want to be in your game creation: simple, advanced or expert? Simple is a great introduction for anyone and ideal for younger artists. Advanced and expert give more control over the final product. You select the graphics style that fits your game best. You can draw or upload your own artwork for backgrounds, characters, scenery, and objects. Games can be kept private or made available online.

How to use it? I would use this to create games for my students to play and have my students create their own games. I can see having students create a game as a retelling of a story like if you give a mouse a cookie, create a game to that teaches about an aspect of a historical period or create a math game for independent review of a concept. I would keep links to all our classes games on our class webpage, so students could find them to play again.

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My Thoughts? So I might be in love already. Seriously, I had about two minutes of playtime with this site before my elementary student peeked over my shoulder and started vibrating in excitement. So we created our first mini-game right then. I fully see myself digging into available games and creating more, both for my own kid and my future students.