Curriculum Spotlight-QuiverVision


What is it? QuiverVision site provides pages that you can download, print and color. Then using your device you can bring that drawing to life in an interactive 3D model. QuiverVision has three different divisions the education division which is a one-time flat rate buy-in, the fashion division which is free and the general division with a mix of free and paid content. You download black and white line pages, color them and use the app on your Apple, Amazon or Google device you can bring to life a 3D interactive model of your drawing. The education division generates interactive lessons and quizzes whereas the other divisions are more focused on fun like games and see their fashion drawings come to life on the catwalk.

How to use it? I would use these in lessons for my students. I can admit, Biology was the second hardest subject for me in all of my educational journeys I wonder if I had had something so engaging to learn about cells in elementary school, would it have been better? I think it would have been better. I think students seeing their own work develop into this amazing learning tool would create greater buy-in to the lesson.


My Thoughts? I know that coloring has value for students in developing their pencil grip, strengthening their hand muscles but not every kid enjoys coloring. This app would be a great motivator to really do their best job coloring. I love giving students the chance to create and engage with their work in ways that they never expected and this app certainly covers that idea. I can see myself keeping up with them as the company expands the educational side and trying to integrate them at least once a month if possible. This would also be a fun Friday activity, have the fun freebie coloring sheets available and let students color and then interact with their works.