Give me 5: Differentiated Instruction

  1. PEP: Personalized education plan book that contains individually leveled materials for either enrichment, practice or remediation
  2. Adaptive Interactive Lessons and Assessments: These activities measure how a student is doing and adjust to either easier or harder to put them right in their ZPD (zone of proximal development); challenging to do manually but lots of software is out there that uses this idea-especially in Math.
  3. Different sets of comprehension questions for readings or books that are leveled to the student’s reading comprehension abilities
  4. Coaching one-to-one for a student to help them with their individual challenges
  5. Peer tutoring groups, perhaps student A is strong in Math but weak in reading and student B is weak in Math but strong in reading, pairing them together they each have an opportunity to mentor the other, this can be pairings or small groups.


Now that I have given you 5 ways to accomplish differentiated instruction, tomorrow I will show you 5 ways that are not differentiated instruction.


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