National University

I have been attending National University online to earn my teaching credential and masters in education degree. I absolutely adore the format the school uses and think it is perfect for adults who have a heavy load of other obligations to juggle with school. Yes, going to school online takes a certain amount of self-discipline but their program is so different that you really have to give it a shot, judging it by other universities where classes last 8, 12 or even 16 weeks just doesn’t compare. Students take one class at a time, meaning you never have to manage floods of homework from a bunch of different professors one week only to have no homework the next. The workload is pretty even from week to week usually: two assignments, two original postings to a discussion board and four responses to peers. Each class lasts just one month so you don’t have time to lose your motivation (or slack off). You also know the assignments upfront on day 1 of the course with deadlines included, to me that was a life saver as I could plan my month to ensure I did not overload myself.