Student Teacher Orietation

Today, I had my orientation for student teaching. It went well. I got there super early, as usual, so I had a bit of a wait. We talked about who all you need to contact if you are going to be out sick and substituting for your master teacher.  We were informed that we will be observed by our university supervisor eight times total, four during each placement/level periods.

We went over the requirements for:

  1. multiple subject elementary teachers, it is 40 days in a lower elementary placement and 40 days in an upper elementary placement
  2. single subject teachers, it is 80 days in their subject, half of the teaching periods at one level and the other half of the teaching periods at a second level so it could be half freshmen English and half sophomore English

For my university/program, they like to schedule you 45 days to provide you with some cushion in the event you miss any days.