Creating Powerful Product Assignments Part 6 of 7

This is the sixth in a series of posts (1: What They’ll Know   2: Product Choice & Grading, 3: Content Expectations & Grading, 4: Process & Grading5: Scaffolds)about creating powerful product assignments at the end of a unit of study. Now it is time to differentiate.

Differentiation is modifying the assignment to meet each student at their individual learning level based on their readiness, interest, learning style and profile.

For students with a 504 Plan or IEP (Individual Education Plan) these modifications will meet the requirements of those plans. ELL (English Language Learners), depending on their proficiency level and the task may require individualized adjustments or additional scaffolds. High achievers may require an extension activity that challenges their ability level. Low achievers may require extra time or simplification. Truthfully, this list could go on and on and still not list every possible modification. This step is truly based on your students and their needs.