Supporting Successful Product Assignments Part 3 of 7

This is the third in a series of posts (1: Choices, 2: Parent Communication) about supporting successful product assignments at the end of a unit of study. Now let’s talk research. Teach students to use more than one source to get their information. I like to teach students to use different kinds of sources at least one in print and one online. If you do not have a book in your class library or available from the school library for checkout to the classroom you could provide a printed article or reading out for students to use. My suggested goal is one source per grade level after Kindergarten.

For example, in first grade, students may use a printed fact sheet, digital source or a book (using different sources throughout the year for exposure). In second grade, I would introduce the requirement of multiple types of sources one digital and one print. In third grade, I would require 3 sources at least one of each type. In fourth grade, I would require 4 sources two of each type.  In fifth grade, I would require 5 sources at least two of each type.