First Interview

On Friday, I went in for my first real (non-student teaching/intern style) interview for a teaching position. It has been a while since I interviewed for any job, not to mention, interviewing for my dream job at my dream district.

Prep I did: I researched the district, even though I student taught in it, to make sure I was familiar with the whole picture. I practiced my answers to lots of common questions that I found online. I did a lot of positive self-talk. I applied for the two listings that covered TK-5th. Before my first interview, the HR contact asked if I would be willing to consider 6th as there is someone who has a slot that they have not found the right fit (after tons of candidates), I said yes because this IS my dream district.

Reflections on prep I did not do:  I regret not going out to recruitment fairs for places beyond my target regions. There were several earlier this year that I got word of and opted against attending since they were way beyond my commute range. I was wrong. My advice, drive beyond your target range early. Attend as many walk-in recruitment interview opportunities as possible so you get to practice, that way when your dream or even just second choice districts call for interviews you are prepared, plenty of practice under your belt.


Stay tuned for updates…