Classroom Concept 1: Beach

The White Ash pattern by DC-Fix to cover all the orangeish cabinets and drawers. The front wall without cabinets or windows with bulletin boards 3D Waterproof Ceiling and Wall Murals from Bedding Inn Blue Sky and Lake with Stone Pattern. My desktop by Murals Wallpaper Celeste Agate Crystal. Computer Cart and my desk base Beach Wood by DC Fix. Student Desktops Gray Marble by DC Fix. Window privacy by Rabbitgoo Small Mosaic with Multi-Color. Inside of cubbies White Mat pattern by DC Fix. On the cabinets, I would print and laminate five different colors of water to use as frames for student work. I would alternate the order of the colors to make a more appealing display. I would incorporate live plants to bring in nature and for their air purifying abilities as well. I like how peaceful this theme is and how it would be a massive transformation. This room would be labor and cost intensive to create but it could be wonderful. I only hesitate as I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to wait until my second year before buying into this theme because I would have the keys, codes, and ability to go into setup much earlier. I worry that trying to get this set up solo (or at best with one helper) when I will be so short on time is going to be a nightmare.

Beach Ideas